Where To Stay In New York?

With over 65,000 hotel rooms available, New York offers something for everyone. The city’s top hotels are not quite as expensive as those in Paris or London, but the best news for visitors is the increase in budget hotels. While many of these are basic rather than charming, they offer good value. Other budget Options are furnished apartments and studios, and bed and breakfast in private homes, as well as youth hostels and YMCA’s. From an inspection of over 200 hotels in New York, we have selected best of their kind. Many of the hotels have a website address to enable you to book a room via the internet.

Where to Look:

The East Side, roughly between 59th and 77th streets, is the traditional location for luxury hotels, but the renovation of certain landmark midtown properties, such as the St. Regis, and new hotels in famous chains from the Far East, such as the Peninsula Group, have considerably increased the competition in this price range.

Business travellers tend to favour midtown, especially the moderately priced hotels lining Lexington Avenue near Grant Central.

Those seeking relative quiet with access to midtown should look in the Murray Hill area, while theatre -lovers should note the revival of the Times Square area. Hotels within walking distance of theaters offers an advantage, since performance tend to end at the same time and Cabs are hard to come by.

There are a number of good, inexpensive hotels, around Herald Square, which is convenient for shopping. Trendy boutique hotels have flourished in SoHo and the Meatpacking District, where there are also plenty of good bars, restaurants, and upscale shops.

New york & Co publishes a free, annually updated leaflet called “The New York Hotel Guide,” listing current rates, toll-free numbers, and fax numbers. Staff will offer advice about hotels but do not make reservations.

Hotel Prices:

Some hotels offer seasonal promotional rates and the other off-peak reductions. For example, business travellers vacate hotels at end of the working week, and you can take advantage of bargain weekend deals, even in luxury hotels, as prices drop.

There is a growing number of all-suite hotels available in every price category. Suites offer extra space plus cooking facilities and a refrigerator. Most suites can accommodate up to four people, which makes them popular with families.

Hidden Extras:

When calculating the cost of hotels in New York, it is not enough simply to take into considerations the quoted room price. Hotel rooms have long been subject to extra taxes, but the former sliding scale which is favoured rates under $100, has now given way to a blanket. 13.375 tip is customary. Solo travellers will find that single room rates are usually at 80% of the double rate and are sometimes the same as for two people.

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